Dwelling in the Presence of the Divine

Artist / Author: Robin Main

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There are 22 sections to this commonplace book, one for each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. Each section creates a space to interact with the unique energy and extraordinary character of each Hebrew letter as well as forming within you a flexible, ever-expanding container for ALEF-TAV (את)’s immense limitless riches. Its presence-filled pages, whether savored by themselves, or contemplated in tandem with a Bible study, will cause your heart to sing and your mind to harmonically resonate in tune with the various spheres of Creation.
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Historically, commonplace books have provided an effective way to collect various thoughts, experiences, quotes, Bible verses, or anything that you would like to retain and remember about a topic—in one place. The book becomes a “commonplace” for you to collect your nuggets of wisdom, information you may want to experience or access again. Just as a home is a common place for a family to gather, so may this commonplace book be for ALEF-TAV (את)’s letters. Just as we scrapbook our valued memories, so may this Commonplace Book of Hebrew Letters be. The Dwelling in the Presence of the Divine: A Commonplace Book of the Hebrew Living™ Letterscan also be used as a companion to ALEF-TAV’s Hebrew Living™ Letters Deeper Kingdom Bible Study and Quantum 22™: The Hebrew Living™ Letters.

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