Governing Time

Artist / Author: Ogbonnaya Adonijah

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In this book, we will learn about what God wants us to understand concerning the various concepts of time, as well as the different Hebrew words for time. The Bible says that you and I have eternity hidden in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Many things can block our access to eternity, making it difficult for us to have enough time because the only time that matters is the time connected to eternity where the flow is constant. We will delve into mysteries in this book and learn to master the ways of this magnificent technology of time that God has given us. Adonijah O. Ogbonnaya, Ph.D.
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The intersection of time and eternality was a well-known theme in the ancient world. All spiritual and social activities were located within the framework of time and it was considered to be the conducting line for the manifestation of other realms into the human realms. They can also be called apertures for capturing and holding certain eternal possibilities in place so that a human being with such knowledge may momentarily step out of the constriction of materiality into the realms of the eternal.

How time affects us and how we may be able to use its various dimensions for our breakthrough and, yes, the transformation and calibration of our communal life together, is one of the major themes of biblical narratives. I am of the view that various ways in which concepts of time occur in biblical narrative can serve as a creative spiritual technology for awakening and maintain godly consciousness.

Times and seasons affect work and productivity in everyday existence, the material universe, and even our material bodies. The vigor of our spiritual movements can be enhanced or lost based on how we engage and utilize time within its various nomenclatures found in biblical narratives. For much of us in the modern world, time passes us by or we merely glide through it, except for the occasional material boon that may come our way because we have temporally capitalized upon it. But per my reading of scripture, time is a multi-perspectival, multi-utilitarian, multi-spectral flow of eternity that affords those conscious of its divine power the ability to transform and transmute creation in all kinds of ways.

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