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March & April 2022 Newsletter

We finally have the first newsletter of the year. With God's providence and grace, we have been able to continue offering you a friendly service amidst global challenges. We have compiled a list of titles to assist you as we continue to walk the spiritual path.  Enjoy the browsing and we wish you good health, peace and God’s blessings as you look ahead.

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The Karmal Books Team

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Popular Authors New Releases
The Sound of Awakening by Rick Curry, R450
  • In The Sound of Awakening, Curry inspires you to abandon old mindsets and structures that have held you back from being used mightily by God. It's time for everyday Christians like you to dream again for the coming awakening.
    You will find:
  • Abundant Hope from prophetic dreams and encounters that foresee a coming global awakening.
  • Practical Principles to shift from apathy and isolation to passion and dynamic purpose.
  • A Clear Vision of God's unfolding plan for global awakening and the greatest harvest the world has ever seen.
Seeing Beyond by Sarah-Jane Biggart, R450

Seeing Beyond is a practical guide to interacting with the unseen Kingdom of God and manifesting Heaven's glories here on earth.
Seeing Beyond will help you:
  • Access the spirit realm easily when you learn to enter as a citizen of Heaven.
  • Discover the key to supernatural encounters by cultivating intimacy with God.
  • Embrace the assignment of prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare to destroy darkness and advance the Kingdom of God.
  • Commune with the Lord and His angelic realm in unending heavenly places.
  • Uncover fresh biblical revelation that inspires a lifestyle of spiritual sight.
  • Defeat the dark side of the invisible realm by shutting doors to demonic influences.

The Language of Leadership by Paul Tsika, R450

Like with any new language, you can become fluent in the language of leadership through a few simple practices: setting learning goals, learning proper vocabulary, daily practice, cultural immersion, and real-world use. Once you become fluent in the language of leadership, the words you use will begin to shape your mindset, your actions, and ultimately, the results.
The Language of Leadership is your guide to mastering this new language. Beginning with your vocabulary, and moving into your thoughts and practices, this book is your roadmap to success.
You can become the leader you've always wanted to be. It all starts by learning The Language of Leadership!
Stories from the Glory by Kevin Zadai, R450
You are meant to live as a holy carrier of divine glory!
There are people who walk in a dimension of Holy Spirit power and presence so strongly, that the very atmospheres around them are filled with Heaven's glory. These men and women are living examples of what Christ offers to those who follow him.
The Waves of Healing Glory by Becky Dvorak, R450
In The Waves of Healing Glory, Becky teaches readers to access the heart of the Father and recognize the enemy's strategies. You won't catch these waves in the streets until you catch them in your prayer closet!
Featuring interactive Faith Assessments with each chapter, along with reflection questions and Group Discussion exercises, you will be informed and equipped to take your place in His glorious end-times assignment to fill the earth with glory!
The Prophet's Devotional by Jennifer LeClaire, R585

The Prophet's Devotional was written to equip and encourage you in your prophetic gift. No matter where you are in your prophetic journey, this essential resource will sharpen your discernment and hone your delivery of prophetic words.

Bestselling author, spiritual warfare leader, and prophetic trainer, Jennifer LeClaire delivers a devotional experience unlike any other, providing rich, daily teachings and powerful prayers to empower you in your prophetic adventure with the Lord.
Reformers Arise by Cindy Jacobs, R450

In this freshly updated edition of her landmark book, Reformation Manifesto, Cindy provides two new chapters that give prophetic insight on the present revival, coming awakening, and the great reformation that will see moves of God become societal transformation.
Lion Bites by Emma Stark, R450

This unique devotional unleashes explosive, supernatural power in bite-sized prophetic words.

Lion Bites is a daily "call to arms!" Carrying the full weight of Scripture and God's rhema word , these prophetic declarations pack a punch, helping you live each day as a victorious warrior through Jesus!

Compiled by the team of prophetic warriors from the Global Prophetic Alliance, this powerful devotional includes contributions from Emma Stark, David Stark, Sarah Jane Biggart, Sam Robertson, John Hansford, and Micah Hayden.
The Voice of the Bride by Paul Keith Davis, R450

Prophetic voice, Paul Keith Davis, has good news: there are great days ahead for the Church, and for you!
Though the western church may look like a valley of dry bones, the Lord sees her as an exceedingly great army.
In The Voice of the Bride, Paul Keith shares prophetic insight into how God is preparing His Bride for the coming harvest. This is the place of divine assignment, for it's in God's army that you will discover your destiny!
The Deborah Company (Updated and Expanded): by Jane Hamon, R450

Deborah, the Old Testament judge and prophetess, was filled with Holy Spirit revelation, employing divine wisdom and supernatural strategy to influence her world. She exemplified boldness, courage, and the heart of a true worshiper as she maintained balance in fulfilling her responsibilities. Deborah was an Old Testament example of a New Testament anointing that is available to all Spirit-filled women.
The Power of Communion with 40-Day Prayer Journey (Leather Gift Version) by  Beni Johnson, (Author), Bill Johnson, R440

Beni and Bill Johnson--best-selling authors and senior leaders of Bethel Church in Redding, California--had a miraculous revelation while celebrating communion. In this special edition of The Power of Communion, featuring the 40-Day Prayer Journey, discover how the sacred practice of communion is an often overlooked opportunity to release God's power in your life!

Releasing Resurrection and Revival from the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson, R450

Robert Henderson is the bestselling author of the Courts of Heaven series, and in this latest book, he challenges you to pray for miracle reversals in every situation that seems hopeless. Resurrection thunders as a verdict from the Courts of Heaven, for it is God alone who gives life to the dead.
Take the Land by Ana Werner, R450

It's Time to Claim Those Promises of God and Prophecies Over Your Life!
Jesus came so that we can live life in abundance, but many feel stuck, waiting for that abundant life to manifest.
Instead of merely waiting for the promise, what if the Lord is calling you to step out in boldness and claim it? This is the season to claim your promised land!
As the Lord spoke to Joshua and the Israelites about occupying the Promised Land in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is releasing supernatural strategies for you today for attaining your promise from God.

Prince Leon by Ana Méndez Ferrell & Lorenza Méndez, Hardcover, R705

This is the story of Prince Leon and his companion Princess Clara from their true origin before coming into the world. I am Hakmah the Eagle and the Wisdom of God, who saw them grow up and instructed them, as well as all the sons of Light like you. One day they found an important book whose pages were doors to Heavenly places.
Fasting that Moves the Hand of God by T.L. Lowery, R470

Through prayer and fasting, you can move God's hand! He has given us the responsibility and privilege through prayer and fasting to move His hand on behalf of our families, cities, and nations.
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