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Best Sellers and Releases for March 2021

For our first newsletter of the year we are focusing on some of our bestselling authors. We are very grateful for your continued support and your graciousness during this time. Enjoy reading the newsletter.

New from Local Authors;

Evidence For The Christian Faith by Michael Arnold R250
On Overcoming by Anneline Hugo R270
Tikkun by David Smith R180
My Shack by Lynn Kerchhoff R180

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New Releases
365 Prayers and Activations for Entering the Courts of Heaven R685 Hardcover

Each inspirational devotional entry features entirely new content from Robert Henderson. Perfect as an introduction to the Courts of Heaven for beginners, or as a handy resource for courtroom veterans, this collection of short, powerful devotions will empower you to make the most out of your daily devotionals

10 Levels of Glory by Hrvoje Sirovina R415 

Hrvoje Sirovina believes that you were made for these kinds of glory experiences, and that every encounter with God's glory propels you to live an increasingly extraordinary life in an ordinary world. In 10 Levels of Glory, Hrvoje guides you through ten powerful encounters with God's tangible presence.

Redeeming Your Timeline by Troy Brewer R415

Haunted by your past? Anxious about the future? The omnipotent God of the Bible is not confined by the limits of time. He is not ashamed of your past or uncertain about your future. Every moment of your life is always held in the palm of His hand.

Breaking the Miracle Barrier by Jennifer LeClaire R340 

In this powerful new release, apostolic leader Jennifer LeClaire reveals a surprising key to obtaining breakthrough, veiled in the prayer lives of people crying desperately to see godly desires manifested, loved ones delivered, and enemies defeated. She teaches believers how to cry out to God, and sustain faith.

Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven's War Room by Jennifer LeClaire R415 
Through Decoding the Mysteries of Heaven's War Room Jennifer shares powerful, Bible-based revelations that will empower you to partner with God's purposes, and achieve greater victory in your life!
Over the course of 21 vivid and revelatory Heavenly encounters, your understanding of prayer and spiritual warfare will be forever transformed.
Unseen Warfare by Hakeem Collins R415

In this manual for spiritual warfare, seer, prophet, and bestselling author, Hakeem Collins goes beyond basic teaching to offer revelatory training and unique spiritual insight on overcoming the powers of darkness in your daily life.

Angel Armies on Assignment by Tim Sheets R415

The Bible says that all Christians have been brought into a heavenly dimension because of Jesus' blood. Being born again doesn't simply secure your place in Heaven; it makes Heaven accessible right here, right now. This heavenly access includes "innumerable angels" (See Hebrews 12:22.)

Like Stars for Evermore by Ana Mendez Ferrell R495

This is a pioneering book in its genre, designed to revolutionize how you see yourself and lead you to understand how significant your influence is on the earth. You will see dimensions of the resurrection that you have never seen before.

Mystery of the Power Words by Kevin Zadai R560 Hardcover 

Mystery of the Power Words will help you...
-Understand the pathways for walking out your destiny.
-The power words God wants you to understand and boldly speak.
-Clearly discern God's will for you and your family.
-Identify and defeat the enemies of your advancement.

Prayer Shawls/Tallits in Stock
Prayer Shawls/Tallits - Limited Stock Available

- Elijah The Prophet (72" x 24")  R705
- Prayer of Jabez Shawl  R460
- Blue/white/Gold with bag  R605
- Purple  R605
- Dark Blue w/Eng Corners (72" x 22")  R655
- Queen Esther (72" X 23") Purple  R705
Best Sellers in Stock

Aaron Smith

The Big Reveal pt1 R450
Come Up Here R570
Friends of Eber R385

Dr Daniel Olokuya

Prayer Passport (leather) R320
Prayer Passport (hardcover) R450
Prayer Rain (hardcover) R450
My life is not for sale R265
Pray your way to breakthroughs R235
Local Author Showcase

Our exciting local books are;
On Overcoming by Anneline Hugo R270
Evidence For The Christian Faith by Michael Arnold R250
Tikkun by David Smith R180
My Shack by Lynn Kerchhoff R180

Visit our website for detailed descriptions.

Bestsellers on Special
20% off below Ana Mendez and E. Ferrell books

Quantum fasting R370 now R296
Shaking the heaven R370 now R296
Immersed in him R370 now R296
Mary mother of Jesus R370 now R296

10% off the below Perry Stone books

The Eight Kingdom R370 now R296
Dancing with Snowmen R265 now R212
20% off these Best sellers

Issuing Devine Restraining Orders by Dr Francis Myles R370 now R296
Be Revived by Kate Souza R305 now R244
Destroying fear by John Ramirez R365 now R292
The Warrior's Dance by Ana Werner R365 now R292

10% off Perry Stone Bible combo
Old and New Testament Hebraic bibles10% OFF when you order both, plus free courier now R5760

Hebraic Prophetic New Testament Study Bible R2900
Hebraic Prophetic Old Testament study bible R3800

Easter gifts locally produced

Micro Cross R60
Mini Cross R150

We will be taking Online, Phone and Email orders for items on specials,

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 If you would like a title that is not on our list please contact us and we will make a special order for you.

Please note that delivery delays are possible, as carriers are dealing with extremely high volume and other challenges due to the pandemic. Most carriers including FedEx and UPS have suspended guaranteed delivery dates until further notice, so the arrival date of your package may be subject to change.
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