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In his introduction of the Exercise of Prophecy Graham Cooke, states that “It is my prayer that these books will give you something fresh about who God wants to be for you.” The statement was specific to his series of books however, we carry the same sentiments in the service we provide, when we select books for the newsletter or when we source books for you. Enjoy browsing through the newsletter. If there is a book that is not listed please let us know and we will source it for you. 

We continue to wish everyone God's blessings and good health throughout this uncertain time. 

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Best Selling authors
Perry Stone 

1. Secrets of the Third Heaven R480
2. Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness R500
3. Feeding Demons R450
3. Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain R340
Robert Henderson

1. Receiving healing from the Courts of heaven R360
2. Operating in the Courts of Heaven R360
3. Accessing the Courts of Heaven R130
4. Operating in the Power of God’s Grace R320

Dr. Ana Mendez Ferrell

1. Pharmakeia R330
2. Iniquity R320
3. Ana R400
4. Eat my Flesh Drink my Blood R325
5. Shaking the Heavens R200

Emmerson L Ferrell 

1. Immersed in him R325
2. Quantun Fasting R220
3. Supernatural Believing Christ Conscious R320
4. Who has Bewitched You? R290
Martin Van Der Merwe

1. Prophetic revelations of the 12 tribes R200
2. Prophetic revelations of God’s colours R200
3. Hearing God: Dreams dictionary R250
4. Hearing God: Numbers Dictionary R200
Becky Dvorak

1. The Prophetic & Healing Power of Your Words R380
2. The Healing Creed R330
3. Conquering the Spirit of Death R360
4. Overcoming Fear R155
Jennifer LeClaire

1. Seer Dimensions R380
2. Power Seers R360
3. Becoming a Next Level Prophet R365
4. Victory Decree (Hardcover) R350

Graham Cooke

1. Crafted Prayer R150
2. Newness advantage R240
3. The Exercise of Prophecy R250
4. The Process of Prophecy R260
5. Brilliant Leadership CD R250
6. Brilliant Mentorship CD R250

Jewish and Israel Focus
C.J. Lovik
The living word in 3D series

1. The Living Word in 3D Vol 1 (Hardcover) R600
2. The Living Word in 3D: Vol 2 (Hardcover) R600
3. The Story of Jesus (Hardcover) R600
4. Job: The Mystery Hidden in the Hebrew Pictures and Numbers (Hardcover) R650
5. The Berisheet Passover Prophecy (Hardcover) R650
Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum
1. Ha-Mashiach: 
The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures R440
2. Jesus was a Jew R380

Dr. Richard Booker
1. Celebrating Jesus in the biblical feasts R290
2. The miracle of the scarlet thread Expanded ed. R320

Hollisa Alewine PHD

1. Messianic Shabbat Service R130
2. 50,000 Degrees and Cloudy:
a Better Resurrection R320
3. What is the Torah R130
4. Pharisee: Friend or Foe R195
5. The Seven Shepherd Hanukkah Prophecy R155

Perry Stone

1. Breaking the Jewish Code R360
2. Prophetic future concealed in Israel’s festivals R360
3. Jewish secrets to study and memorisation (CD) R120
4. Prophetic mysteries of the 7 feasts of Israel
(DVD) R302
5. Israel and the battle of Gog and Magog (DVD) R302
6. Perry Stone Hebraic and Prophetic Study Bibles New and Old Testament R2900 & R3800
Popular titles
1. Supernaturally Delivered By Veal John
(Hardcover) R550 
2. Accessing the Riches of Heaven
by Patricia King R350
3. The Warrior Dance by Ana Wener R360
4. Issuing Divine Restraining Orders in the Courts of Heaven by Dr. Myles Francis R320
1. Friends of Eber By Aaron Smith R380
2. Redeeming your Bloodline By  H Sirovina R360
3. On wings of Eagle & Dove (Hardcover)
by Selveraj Sundar R490
4. Prayer Passport (Leather)
by Dr. Daniel Olukoya R320

 If you’d like a title that is not on our list please contact us and we will make a special order for you.

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