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Best Sellers and New Releases for Nov & Dec 2020

As the year comes to a close we continue to look up to God for strength. We pray that you are encouraged and inspired by the selection we have compiled.

We have some highly anticipated new releases from
Rick Renner, Testing the Supernatural R305,  
A Journey to Hell, Heaven and Back by Ivan Tuttle R395, 

The Final Ciphers and The Return of Christ by Perry Stone R495 and
The Objective of Prophecy by Graham Cooke R275

We encourage all customers to order as early as possible for the holiday season. Our freight forwarder and our suppliers are anticipating a busy holiday season. They expect in December, their facilities and carriers will experience sporadic service delays due to growth in package delivery volume.

As this is the last newsletter for the year we wish you great success during this season and will continue to update you if any conditions change. We would also like to thank you for your great support and your graciousness during this unusual time. As always, we wish you God’s blessings and good health.

We have the below in-store discounts for Christmas, up to 40% off 
(Phone and email orders taken, up to December 18th)

10% off personal and group studies and Sunday school curriculums
20% off family parenting and marriage
20% off Christian living, testimonies
30% off Bibles excluding messianic and prophetic
30% off devotionals
40% children’s books 
40% off novels

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New Releases
The Final Ciphers and The Return of Christ
by Perry Stone R495

In his new landmark book on end-time prophecy, Perry Stone has discovered stunning information that unlocks ancient ciphers. These ciphers conceal secrets for our generation that point to Christ’s return!

Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History by Tony Cooke R420

The Body of Christ is ordained to walk in the supernatural. That has always been the plan, and you have a part to play in the mercy, power, and love of God being demonstrated in the earth.

A Journey to Hell Heaven and Back
by Ivan Tuttle R395

In 1978, Ivan Tuttle was living a carefree life, going from one party to the next, from one high to another when his fun, free life was interrupted by a pain in his leg. Ivan Tuttle was dead for almost 3 hours. During that time, he was literally taken to Hell, then Heaven and back to Earth. The revelation he received was so profound, God told him not to talk about it for 35 years!
Testing the Supernatural: How to Biblically Test Dreams.. by Rick Renner R305

Is This Spiritual Experience Really From God? It’s a question many are asking, especially in these last days when dreams, visions, and new revelations seem to abound. In his book Testing the Supernatural.

The Divinity Code to Understanding Angels
by Adam Thompson R445

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14, NIV The angelic realm exists to partner with believers in accomplishing God’s will on Earth. Angels serve alongside the children of God in the work of the Kingdom.

The Surprising Power of Joy
by Roland Worton R395

True Joy is Powerful When despair becomes the spirit of the age, and hopelessness breeds increasing chaos, how should Christians respond? For dark times like these, God has given His children a sure anchor and a powerful weapon: Joy.

God's End-Time Temple by Tracy Eckert R395

Unlock Biblical secrets concerning the church in the last days. This book is a prophetic vision of the end-times church. By comparing biblical accounts of Zerubbabel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Melchizedek, with recent global events, this book unlocks biblical secrets regarding these last days, preparing you to walk in the fullness of your destiny.
The Objective of Prophecy by Graham Cooke R275

Prophecy creates promises which become the focal point in personal and corporate change. The objective of all prophecy is to elevate trust and faith in the Nature of God. It is important therefore, that people moving in prophecy are able to see, think, plan and speak to the objective that God is creating.

Praying in the Holy Spirit
by David Diga Hernandez R395

If you’ve ever been frustrated in your prayer life, this book is for you. Do you ever feel like your prayers are not effective? Does your prayer life lack vitality and consistency? The secret to a thriving prayer life is not a formula it is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Revealing the Healer by Yvon Attia R395

You can heal like Jesus did. When she was six years old, Yvon Attia fell out of a three-story building in Cairo, Egypt. In a dramatic encounter with Jesus, she was divinely healed. Today, as a healing minister, she teaches on Divine healing with the authority of a practitioner, not a theorist.

A Prophetic Manifesto for the New Era
by Patricia King R465

Christian prophets unanimously recognized that the Church was not merely entering a new year or season, but an entirely new era. To align with God and His purposes for this New Era, it is vital that every Christian is aware of God’s directives, so they can move in sync with His Spirit in the coming days.

Consumed with Holy Fire: Heaven's Blueprint for a Miraculous Lifestyle by Duncan Smith R465

You can heal like Jesus did. When she was six years old, Yvon Attia fell out of a three-story building in Cairo, Egypt. In a dramatic encounter with Jesus, she was divinely healed. Today, as a healing minister, she teaches on Divine healing with the authority of a practitioner, not a theorist.

Teach Us to Pray: Prayer That Accesses Heaven and Changes Earth by Corey Russell R465

Learn how to access heaven and release it into the earth! Jesus’ disciples heard every message, witnessed every miracle and deliverance and healing and we don’t see one recorded time where they asked Him, “Teach us to preach,” or “Teach us to heal,” or “Teach us to deliver.”

Best Sellers - In Stock

Top Selling Bibles in stock

NIV Live: A Bible Experience - CDs with DVD R960
Archeological Study Bible KJV Black & Pink leather R810
The Scriptures Bible R450 softcover R565 hardcover
The Complete Jewish Bible R655 s/cover R765 h/cover
The Complete Jewish Bible Study Bible R1280

Secrets of the Third Heaven R480
Fishing in a Sea of Forgetfulness R450
Feeding Demons R450
Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain R340

Johnathan Cahn

The Harbinger R450
The Harbinger II R570
The Oracle R495
The Paradigm R510

Job The Mystery Hidden in the Hebrew Pics R655
The Berisheet Passover Prophecy R655
The Story of Jesus R610
Joshua: Revealing the Mysteries by S.M. Phillips R540
Kevin Zadai

The Agenda of Angels R375
Supernatural Finances R395
You Can Hear God's Voice R395
Receiving from Heaven R410

Ana Mendez

Iniquity (New Version) R370
Spirit of Man R495
Eat my flesh drink my blood R370
High level warfare R370

Ian Clayton

Down to business R450
Gateways of the Three-Fold - Nature of Man R295
The Order of Melchizedek R395
Realms of the Kingdom Vol 2 R395

Robert Henderson

Receiving Healing in the courts of heaven R365
Redeeming your Bloodline R365
Issuing Divine restraining orders R370
Show us Glory R140

Prayer Shawls/Tallits
Prayer Shawls/Tallits - Limited Stock Available

- Elijah The Prophet (72" x 24")  R705
- Prayer of Jabez Shawl  R460
- Blue/white/Gold with bag  R605
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- Dark Blue w/Eng Corners (72" x 22")  R655
- Queen Esther (72" X 23") Purple  R705

Specials and in Store Discounts up to 40%

We will be taking Phone and email orders for items on special until 18th December


10% off personal and group studies and Sunday school curriculums

20% off family parenting and marriage

20% off Christian living, testimonies

30% off Bibles excluding messianic and prophetic

30% off devotionals

40% children’s books 

40% off novels

 If you’d like a title that is not on our list please contact us and we will make a special order for you.

Due to the Covid-19 impact on shipping we are experiencing delays in receiving some of our cargo so please bear with us.
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