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Artist / Author: Lapin Rabbi Daniel

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Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s Recommended Hebrew/English Bible. There are many reasons why we especially like this edition. One feature making this Bible so special is its unique appearance. Torah scrolls are hand-written on parchment by a trained and skilled artisan. Each scroll, whether large or small, written this year or hundreds of years ago, follows the same layout. Among other unchangeable rules, certain letters are written larger or smaller than normal, and there is deliberate spacing between specific bodies of text and/or words. This Bible, in addition to having beautiful Hebrew and English typefaces, replicates the writing and paragraph structure found in every authentic Torah scroll. Much of our ancient Jewish wisdom teaching reveals insights that spring from these important features.
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For years you’ve been asking us to recommend a Bible and here it is!  Rabbi Daniel Lapin recommends this Bible and uses it himself in both daily study and in teaching because:

  • The Hebrew text retains exactly the same two types of paragraph breaks found in an authentic Torah scroll.
  • The English translation is as good as can be found.
  • The accurate Hebrew names are given in precise transliteration e.g.  Moshe not Moses, Yaakov not Jacob, Yona not Jonah.
  • The hidden ‘kri/ktiv clues that Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains are presented in the clearest way possible.
  • The 54 sedras in Torah each marked.
  • The typography is beautiful as befits a family heirloom Bible.
  • Includes a special dedication page from Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin.
  • This standard sized edition (the largest edition) utilizes large type size
  • Features color maps, beautiful gilded edges and a thumb index –that makes finding your way quick and easy.
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