NEW BOOKS & BEST SELLERS FOR THIS MONTH    This month we have some exciting new titles to carry us through our spiritual journey.    We have a number of new titles and authors including:   The popular author Kate Souza has a new book Be Revived: Defeat the Spirit of Death with the Power of Life R370.    Another popular author Jeremaih Johnson Judgment on the House of God: Cleansing and Glory are Coming By Johnson, Jeremiah R320.     We also have Marios Ellinas' new book Tables and Platforms: Forging Identity and Character for a Life of Influence R440.    Lastly we have The Mind of God: How His Wisdom Can Transform Our World by Johnson, Bill R350  
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Secrets of the Third Heaven by Perry Stone R450

Perry uncovers in-depth research that details Greek and Hebrew word studies about heaven and a person’s departure to paradise. These word studies dig deep into Biblical narratives comparing scripture with scripture and includes numerous amazing true stories. 
Prayer That Changes Everything: 5 Principles to Activate Your Faith  by Colbert, Mary R300

This book will help you develop the faith and prayer life that God desires for you.
What if your communication with God became as vibrant as the interaction between you and your best friend?

Under Fire in South Africa, by Schalk Visagie: R200.00 

Coming from a police family, Schalk’s incredible life story includes the Border War in South West Africa/Angola, guarding President P.W. Botha, working in the Security Branch, including dealing with the traumatic St. James Church Massacre, the bombing of Planet Hollywood, leading the Gang Investigation Unit to counter the hit squads, terror campaigns and bombs of PAGAD and QUIBLA.

Be Revived: Defeat the Spirit of Death with the Power of Life by by Katie Souza R300

This book will help you walk in God's promises of long-lasting health.
The Bible is full of promises related to believers having supernatural youth restored even in their advanced years. Yet few are actually walking in those promises. Instead, a huge percentage of Christians are suffering from some sort of pain, disease, or disorder

The Seven-Fold Spirit of God: Accessing the Untapped Dimensions of the Holy Spirit by Keith Miller R370
The Bible reveals that there are many dimensions to the Holy Spirit’s character, personality, and power. Unfortunately, most believers live in a tragically limited experience of the Spirit’s role. But there is more!
Judgment on the House of God: Cleansing and Glory are Coming By Johnson, Jeremiah R325 

The Bible promises that judgment begins in the house of God.  Many people avoid this intense passage in fear of the word “judgment.” As New Covenant believers, we can take comfort that this judgment brings life through a healthy fear of the Lord.
Cast Out Demons and Slay Your Giants: Disarm and Defeat the Demonic Powers that Hinder Your Breakthrough By Isik Alba R370
Discover the secrets of the spirit world, including:
  • What opens doors to demons in your life?
  • Strategies for discerning between God’s voice and the voice of Satan.
Breaking the Strongholds Iniquity: A New Testament Guide to Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline By Bill Dennington R370

Though Jesus’ sacrifice grants you entry to Heaven, it’s still possible to live a life on Earth in bondage.
If you are a believer who is experiencing oppression, it may be caused by spiritual legalities granting demonic access to your life through iniquity in your bloodline!
The Mind of God: How His Wisdom Can Transform Our World by Johnson, Bill R350

Two realities are evident in today's broken world: our culture is in desperate need, and our God is a miracle-working God. How do believers answer the world's cries for help in a way that reflects God's heart of compassion?

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons--Your Invisible Enemies (Expanded) by Prince, Derek R370

What are demons, and how do they gain entry into people's lives? Derek Prince addresses the fears and misconceptions associated with demons, and encourages believers to become equipped and take action against these evil beings.
He Healed Them All: Accessing God's Grace for Divine Health and Healing by Bennett, Barry R350

There's no evidence in the Gospels of sickness having a divine origin, or being a blessing in disguise. Jesus never withheld healing from someone who asked. He was always full of compassion to heal the sick.

 How to Contend for Your Miracle: How Supernatural Encounters and Faith Work Together to Bring Answered Prayers by Ryan Johnson R350

What do you do when you receive a promise from the Lord but it doesn't come to pass? How do you get from promise to fulfillment?

Discernment: The Essential Guide to Hearing the Voice of God by Jane Hamon R300
We are living in such critical times today that it is imperative for believers to learn to use every tool given to us by the Holy Spirit. We are called to be kingdom influencers to discern the times in which we live, to discern the moves of the Holy Spirit, and to discern angels and demons.


Supernatural Freedom: Overcoming the Greatest Barriers to Fulfilling Your Destiny by Ruonala, Katherine  R370

Do you ever wonder why you're not experiencing the freedom and abundant life promised in Scripture?
Despite the freedom that Jesus purchased at the cross, many Christians still live in bondage because they are unaware of the lavish spiritual blessings that God has opened to them.

Tables and Platforms: Forging Identity and Character for a Life of Influence R440

Everyone has a measure of influence. Yours may be as close as your family or reach as far as international policy making. You may be an entrepreneur, an academic, a scientist, a teacher, or minister. Your gifts and calling may usher you onto public platforms or place you at intimate table gatherings. 

by Robert Henderson
  1. Issuing Divine restraining orders R320,
  2. Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven R320,
  3. Redeeming Your Bloodline: Foundations for Breaking R360,
  4. Operating in the Courts of Heaven R360
by Graham Cooke
  1. The Exercise of Prophecy R250,
  2. Brilliant Leadership CD R250,
  3. Brilliant Mentorship CD R250

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Courier services are available for local and outreaching areas.
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