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Secrets of the anointing
Code: 9780768450705

Secrets of the anointing

R 379.99

What You Seed is What You Get: Seeding
Code: 9780768448252

What You Seed is What You Get: Seeding

R 379.99

Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness
Code: BK-026

Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness

R 500.00

Destroying Fear: Strategies to Overthrow the Enemy's Tactics
Code: 9780800799472

Destroying Fear: Strategies to Overthrow the Enemy's Tactics

R 320.00

Ana, A Story Of Faith Without Limits
Code: AFB1124

Ana, A Story Of Faith Without Limits

R 400.00

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease
Code: 9781641233125

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease

R 379.99

101 Prophetic ways God speaks
Code: 9780768450668

101 Prophetic ways God speaks

R 379.99

The Oracle (Hardcover)
Code: 9781629996295

The Oracle (Hardcover)

R 490.00

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This month we have some exciting new books that have been released by popular author;
Henry W. Wright- Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease R360   
An introduction to essential oils Essential oils pocket guide by Josh Ash R320
All the titles in our newsletter are available for pre-ordering.
The prophetic author Ana Mendez Ferrell’s book Shaking the heavens for R320
Graham Cooke’s interactive journals are also available on special 4 for R500 until 15th November 2019. Get your copies now!
For families looking for quiet time together we have a family devotional Time In by author Kelly Morkel for R70.

25% off on All Novels until 15th December

All Children's CDs marked down

Essential Oils Pocket Guide by Josh Ash R320  
The safe, natural alternative to the dangers of prescription meds, conventional personal care products, and common household cleaners.
In their quest to help people around the world discover healing and a vibrant life, health experts and bestselling authors Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin, and Ty Bollinger have joined forces to share this important message.
Activating the Gift of Prophecy: Your Guide to Receiving and Sharing What God Is Saying by Jermaine Francis and Rebecca Francis R380.
Start Operating in the Gift of Prophecy Today!  
When it comes to prophecy, the three most common questions among Christians are: Can every believer speak prophetically? If so, how do I start hearing God's voice? Once I've heard a prophetic word, what should I do next? 

Hearing God's Voice Today: Practical Help for Listening to Him and Recognizing His Voice by James W. Goll R320

Practical Help for Recognizing and Listening to God's Voice. Bestselling author James Goll takes readers on an adventure into the heart of what it means to hear God, and how to do it.

Kingdom Mysteries: Hidden in Plain Sight: Your Invitation to Access and Release Heaven's Provision by Adrian Beale R380

Are you living up to your supernatural potential? Many Christians live their lives in a spiritual desert, never witnessing the incredible things that Jesus promised. This is because they are unaware of their kingdom inheritance and the supernatural access that His death has provided!

Secrets of the Anointing: Walking in a Lifestyle of Holy Spirit Visitation by Michelle Corral R380

The anointing of the Holy Spirit occurs when the Lord's presence rests on a believer in a powerful way, bringing a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and fresh manifestations of His power. This intimate encounter with God was meant to be a daily reality for every believer.

The Way of Life: Experiencing the Culture of Heaven on Earth by Bill Johnson R380

Can the Supernatural Become Natural? Bill Johnson, respected pastor, bestselling author, and senior leader of Bethel Church, lives in a culture of the miraculous. In this expanded edition of his groundbreaking book, The Way of Life, he shares not as a theological spectator, but as an active participant in a historic move of God..

101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks: Hearing God Is Easier Than You Think by Hakeem Collins R380

God is speaking. Are you listening? Often, we convince ourselves that God only speaks to "really spiritual" people. But the truth is that God longs to speak to every one of His children. You can hear His voice! 101 Prophetic Ways God Speaks will help all believers access the supernatural voice of God.....

Engaging the Prophetic Realm: Receive and Apply Your Visionary Encounters by Joe Ibojie  R400

Did you know that the visionary realm of the Spirit is multi-sensory? Just as you have natural senses, you also have spiritual senses, and God can speak to you through all of them! You can see, feel, hear--even smell supernatural fragrances--as part of a visionary experience.

Prophetic revelations in the twelve tribes by Martin and Letitia van der Merwe R180

The book covers a range of symbolic revelations contained in the name, the number of the name, colour, gemstone, location around the Tabernacle and the blessings of Jacob and Moses. The characteristics of the 12 Tribes help you to understand where you fit in the family of Christ.

What You Seed is What You Get: Seeding Your Way to Success by Paul E Tsika  R380

What You Seed is What You Get is a title that best describes our lives. God is not random in His dealings with us. He acts with love and grace, but He also acts deliberately. Whatever we sow is what we're going to reap in our lives, time, and resources.

The Seer Dimensions: Activating Your Prophetic Sight to See the Unseen By Jennifer LeClaire  R380

The seer realm lies just beyond what your natural eyes can see. This dimension is full of activity, both angelic and demonic. The Seer Dimensions offers revelation and practical teaching that will help you understand and navigate the heights and depths of the spiritual world.


Liberated: Set Free and Staying Free from Demonic Strongholds by Rodney Hogue R380

Rodney Hogue didn't believe that believers could be oppressed by demons... But one day, the Holy Spirit revealed that he was being oppressed by a demonic spirit. In disgust, Rodney commanded the demon to leave in Jesus' name. To his surprise, it did!

Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease: Powerful Answers to Your Questions about Healing and Disease prevention by Henry Wright R360

A Thoroughly Biblical and Compelling Case for Healing from the Best-Selling Author of A More Excellent Way. Over thirty years ago, Dr. Henry Wright experienced major success in praying for people to be healed from disease. But suddenly the healing stopped.

Angelic Allies: God's Messengers, God's Warriors, God's Agents by Lenika Scott R380

Open your eyes to the unseen realm of your angel allies! God is working in our lives every day. In the good, the bad, and the seemingly ordinary moments of life, there is great supernatural activity taking place just beyond the veil of what natural eyes can see. Angels are intervening in your life under the direction of the Lord of Hosts.


Shaking the Heavens by Ana Mendez Ferrell R200 until 15th Nov

Quantum Fasting By Emmerson Ferrell R220 until 15th Nov

Beholding and Becoming by Graham Cooke R150

God’s Keeping Power by Graham Cooke R150

Hiddenness and Manifestation by Graham Cooke R150

Living in Dependency and Wonder by Graham Cooke R150

Time In by Kelly Morkel R70

NOVEL: Kings Shadow by Angela Hunt R370

Synapse by Stephen James R360

Unscripted by Divas Bunn R360

Christmas cards starting at R15 and selected Christmas gifts now in stock!
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