What You Seed is What You Get: Seeding

Artist / Author: Tsika Paul E

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By Paul E Tsika
Discover how to live up to your fullest potential by tapping into the life-changing wisdom of our Heavenly Father.
Experience the fullness of God's abundance!
What You Seed is What You Get is a title that best describes our lives. God is not random in His dealings with us. He acts with love and grace, but He also acts deliberately. Whatever we sow is what we're going to reap in our lives, time, and resources.
This book will give you clear instruction from God's Word on how to identify good seed from bad seed. These truths will show you how to prevent crop failure and see your seed produce a bumper crop.
With insight on how to:
Seed into the Kingdom of God.
Seed into your spiritual life.
Seed into your marriage.
Seed into your finances.
Seed into your business.
God has given clear and concise instruction--now the ball is in your court! The first step to a great harvest is the step you take today. Discover how to sow good seed in good soil that will produce an abundant harvest for you, your family, and your future.
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