Violent Prayer for Your Adult Children: Powerful, Effectual,

Artist / Author: Van Vlymen Michael

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Violent Prayer for Your Adult Children: Powerful, Effectual,
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By Michael Van Vlymen
Violent Prayer for Your Adult Children: Powerful, Effectual, Fervent, Steadfast and Relentless, Fearless, Unwavering and Violent Prayer for Your Adult
Michael says... If you are looking for a nice, pleasant and general book on prayer, this isn't it... This book was written for those who need miracles.In this book, I address the kind of issues and prayer needs that our adult children face and how we as parents can bring them before the Lord and see His power displayed in their lives. I share the instruction the Lord has given me over the years praying over my own children and seeing God powerfully move. I also share some of the miracles that God has wrought in the lives of my family to show just how real and present the Lord is.I share how to pray effectively concerning jobs and career issues, relationships and children, their walk with the Lord, redeeming relationship with them, addictions, health and healing and much more.... For those of you who don't find a specific enough answer in this book, I show how you can contact me so that I can address your issue and I will place it in this book for you as well as others to benefit from. Thank you and God bless you.
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