Unseen Warfare

Artist / Author: Hakeem Collins

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Your everyday guide to discerning and destroying the works of the devil Few Christians are aware of just how many day-to-day struggles are actually the work of demonic powers, bent on keeping them from their divine destiny. Jesus has given you all that you need for victory, but to walk in the fullness of your spiritual authority, you must learn to discern, disarm, and destroy the works of the devil.
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In this manual for spiritual warfare, seer, prophet, and bestselling author, Hakeem Collins goes beyond basic teaching to offer revelatory training and unique spiritual insight on overcoming the powers of darkness in your daily life.
This powerful book will help you...
• Gain a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare and its impact on your daily life.
• Discover the rules of engagement for the spiritual battles you face every day.
• Grow in the spiritual gift of discernment, to detect places in your life where the enemy is at work.
• Achieve victory on the battlefield of the mind.
• Learn about generational curses in the Bible and gain practical insight on breaking family curses.
• Break free from ungodly soul ties and harmful patterns from your past.
Incorporating prophetic impartation, powerful prayers, and activations, this resource will empower you to stop wrestling with the devil, and start demolishing his works in your life
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