Tormenting Spirits Audio 4 disk

Artist / Author: Stone Perry

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By Perry Stone
How to Defeat Tormenting Thoughts, Remove Prayer Blocks and be Free from the Past
During 40 years of ministry, Perry has met tens of thousands of Christians and has observed a common thread among those who struggle with tormenting thoughts, unanswered prayer, and cycles of continual defeat. That common thread has to do with their words and attitude towards others and not forgiving those who have offended them. This CD has four live message (over 4 hours) of in-depth revelation that we know will remove the blessing blockers and prayer hindrances from your life??if you follow the instructions!
CD 1 Taking the Bait and Living in Pain
CD 2 The Christian's Biggest Trap to Avoid in the Last Days
CD 3 The Key to Stopping a Tormenting Spirit
CD 4 Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness: the Danger of Bringing up Other Peoples Sins
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