Throne Room Prophecy: Your Guide to Accurately Discerning the Word of the Lord

Artist / Author: Hank Kunneman

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When it comes to prophecy, how can we discern if the words being spoken are true, false, or wrong? God is calling His people to press into a higher realm of revelation, so that the words they share come from Heaven, not from their flesh, soul, or other sources.
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Hank Kunneman is a trusted father and mentor in the prophetic community. In this landmark book, he teaches you to speak prophetic words that carry thunder from Heaven’s throne room! Learn to communicate messages from God with precision and accuracy—carrying the Father’s heart as you carry His secrets.

In this timely book you will learn…
To discern the “Three Realms of Frequency”—The Earth Realm, the Occult Realm, and the Throne Room realm.
How prophetic words are important in the course of world events, in times of crisis, and challenging times.
How to draw closer to the One seated on the throne to increase intimacy necessary for prophetic accuracy.
Understanding how “human filters” affect every prophet and prophecy.
How to identify the characteristics of false “horn” prophets.
Now is the time to come up Higher and receive the Father’s heart and understand the power of throne room prophecy!
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