The Treasure Book

Artist / Author: Stone Perry

R 970.00
AMERICA’S FIRST CHRISTIAN-BASED TREASURE HUNT – Perry's “The Treasure” book is a fictitious story written of Amanda journeying through four states in the chain of the Appalachian Mountains, to find a key hidden by her father.
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Concealed within this story are various hints and clues which, if correctly deciphered and placed in proper order, will lead to a specific location. At this location, the treasure hunter can retrieve a key that will allow its finder to lay claim to gold, silver, and platinum coins; silver rounds and bars; rings with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanite, and ruby jewels; customized jeweled necklaces from Israel; ancient coin and gem-studded bracelets, and much more. Included in the prize are trays of authentic, ancient Jewish, Greek, and Roman coins; gold, silver, and bronze emperor coins; gold Byzantine coins; historic museum-quality biblical antiquities, autographed sports cards; and a stamp collection.  The total estimated value is $500,000.

Some are purchasing the book simply to enjoy the read of this fictional writing by Perry. The story is a refreshing and enlightening journey amidst the Appalachians.  Writing and producing this book was a special project for Perry due to his interest in solving unknowns and even participating in treasure hunts as a hobby.

For those who plan to engage in the actual hunt, please read the following rules. All rules must be followed for a person to participate and win the prize. For those who do decide to participate, enjoy!

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