The Supernatural Life of Hebrew

Artist / Author: Ben-Gigi Dr Danny

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Unraveling the amazing story of the only immortal language of the ancient world
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Key subjects in this book:

  • * The Resurrection of Biblical Hebrew
  • * The astounding Time Flips in the Bible
  • * The covert Time Codes in the Name יהוה YHWH
  • * The Enigma of God’s Name Adonai אֲדֹנָי
  • * Who are the ‘sons of God’?  
  • * Hidden Codes in the Hebrew Bible
  • * Electricity in Bible Prophecy  
  • * The Changing Essence of God - is it Lord or Lords?
  • * The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel - mystery and common myths
  • * The Paradigm of Hebrew Bible Prophecy

* Plus - Plus - HEBREW TRAINING - workbook with 30 slow reading audio tracks, providing training in basic and Biblical Hebrew for the beginner, the very beginner...

EASY BIBLICAL HEBREW PRACTICE - this study includes Biblical Hebrew audio tracks narrated in 3 reading speeds: very slow, slow and normal

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