The Resurrection Generation

Artist / Author: Emerson Ferrell

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There are many authors and books that provide valuable insights to readers eager to increase their knowledge. This is not one of those books! The Resurrection Generation is an experience outside time and space to a dimension to see who you are and where you reside. You were chosen “in” Christ before there was a physical dimension, but what does that mean and how can I regain that position? The answers to those questions will not just change your life, but will open doors to experience life without the fear of death.
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 The people who read this book will be healed and delivered of every disease associated with this dimension. Why? The identity you portray is susceptible to the consciousness of this world’s system, whose foundation is the fear of death. But the real you lives in divine health, free from fear. The fear of death is the link between man’s addiction to everything that brings physical death.

The Resurrection Generation is the vaccine for the real epidemic that started in the Garden of Eden.Once you are reacquainted with who you are before the foundation of the world the peace that passes all understanding opens your eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of your origin. If you don’t read another book this year make this the one you devour. You will not be sorry.

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