Use of Psalms for Mercy, Justice, Help, Success and Favour o

Artist / Author: Olusegun Festus Remilekun

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Use of Psalms for Mercy, Justice, Help, Success and Favour o
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Contributor(s): Remilekun, Pst Olusegun Festus (Author), Olukoya, Dr D K (Concept by), Adeboye, Pst E a (Concept by)
PREFACE: The book of psalm is currently the arsenal for spiritual warfare, everywhere in the Christian society today. Prayer is a phenomenon, which exists in one form or the other, in all religions. It is the expression of oneself, in thought or words to the object of worship. The Psalmist speaks to rage life situations, which humankind is passing through daily. The book of psalm speaks on almost all facets of life, when we read the psalms, we hear our inner thought being expressed; our fear, doubts, reservations, our outbursts of rage, depressions, and frustrations; our dismay, dwelling hope, and depressions and sometimes in the midst of it all, our lingering flicker of confidence that God, can still arise to our aid. The book of psalm, is one of the most powerful books, in the bible to fight spiritual warfare. Sometimes the psalm, is recited about seven times, depending on the purpose of the prayer. This book is written as guide, to prayer success for all Christians and prayer warriors. This book will assist the readers, to appreciate the greatness and power of God Almighty. The special prayer and the declarations of the Psalmist, will be of immense value to those who possess the book.

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