The Messiah comes to Israel

Artist / Author: Rowlands Gerald

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The Messiah comes to Israel
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By Gerald Rowlands
The Messiah Comes to Israel is a contemporary commentary about the inevitable battle predicted in the Bible between Israel and her surrounding neighbor nations. It presents an amazing possibility concerning God's agenda and strategy in the End Times. With headlines from today's news coupled with Scripture, author Gerald Rowlands presents an epic account of the past, present, and future of God's chosen people. Within these pages, the author investigates and answers many vital questions: Is it possible, even probable, that a major Bible prophecy, which has been largely overlooked by most Jewish and Gentile Bible believers, is about to be fulfillid in the immediate future? Does the prophet Zechariah predict the exact moment in the prophetic future when the Messiah will dramatically reveal Himself again to the entire population of Israel? Will the descendants of King David finally embrace their long-promised Messiah and declare Him to the world?
This intriguing book is an introduction to an amazing new possibility that is largely overlooked by authors writing about prophetic subjects. The Messiah Comes to Israel encourages a fresh approach to many Scriptures that predict glorious things for Israel - not in the distant future of the Millennium but in the very near future.
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