The Holistic You

Artist / Author: Lapin Rabbi Daniel

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Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin’s newest book reveals how you can achieve your best chance for happiness by integrating all 5 areas of your life rather than viewing them as competing or sequential projects. It demonstrates how to defeat false ideas that the culture projects into us about sex, money, friendships, faith and health, both mental and physical, which imperil our life satisfaction.
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Stop treating life like a zero-sum game and learn how to apply your efforts in each of the five elemental areas in ways that leverage your progress in all the other four. A recipe for balance and well-roundedness, the book also provides:

  • Universally applicable insights and strategies that have worked effectively for generations of enthusiasts using 3000 years of Jewish wisdom.
  • Strategies to achieve peace and tranquility in your daily life through balance and connection
  • Ways to benefit by strengthening connections between seemingly disparate parts of your life
  • Strategies for enhancing life by harmonizing money and marriage, to have both a healthier bank account and a happier primary relationship.

An essential roadmap for sculpting our lives in an increasingly challenging world, The Holistic You will benefit anyone who hopes to simplify and integrate all the most important parts of their life.

Pair this book and order with its companion by email The Holistic You Workbook to enrich your experience.  

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