Supernatural Healing

Artist / Author: Roth Sid & Josen Linda

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By Sid Roth & Linda R Josef
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow God heals, delivers, and sets the captive free!
After more than 35 years of investigating miracles, Sid Roth is certain that God wants you to be healed--even more than you want your own healing. God is not confined to fad formulas, the latest health hype, or medical breakthroughs.
...Jesus welcomed them and began to talk with them about God's Kingdom. He healed the people who were sick (Luke 9:11 PEB).
Although God supernaturally heals through faith, many modern-day churches are not teaching this truth. The true-life testimonies in Supernatural Healing will build your faith for healing and the anointing will splash off the pages as you allow Him to shower you with His glorious love and grace.
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