Seeing through Walls

Artist / Author: Sturgeon Joseph C

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“How do I see in the spirit?” This is one of the questions I hear the most and it is a very important question. I want to share my understanding and process with you. No matter if this is your first introduction or you are experienced in engaging the realms through Christ, this book will introduce new paradigms and processes to mature your journey of participating in His amazing kingdom.
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The presence of God is an incredible thing. If we pay attention, we can hold His lightning flashes of revelation in stillness until they open themselves to us and all that is contained within. Meditation teaches us an increase in the awareness of His voice and revelation. Journaling trains our focus to recognise, understand and retain these special moments.
This journal is purposefully structured with prompts, questions, instructions and understanding to help you “see in the spirit” and participate in His kingdom. Journaling has been a key to unlocking all the Father has for me and for my role in creation. I know it will for you too. Joseph

Seeing Through Walls contains 3 months of instruction, meditations and questions to help you:

* Enhance the Remembrance.
Often our encounters and experiences become forgotten as we move through our day and onto the next thing. By writing, your mind revisits what you have experienced or seen. This is the beginning of learning to “see in the spirit.”
* Cause Growth
This journal contains prompts and questions to cause you to focus on things you might not have noticed before. The Jewish way of learning often involves questions that force the mind to consider multiple perspectives.
* Trains Your Brain
Physically writing gives weight and value to that which you might dismiss. For example, when meditating on the heart you may experience or sense some kind of angelic movement. You don’t necessarily know their name, function or purpose (yet!). This is a starting point to access more! Consistency in noticing and paying attention to that sense will over time show you what that is and what is going on.
* Dive Deeper.
We are part of an instant culture. We want to understand everything and know everything in a split-second while only holding the inspiration for just a moment. Journaling is a way of diving deeper.
* Body Memory.
The ancients would to write with scented ink because physically writing something creates a body memory. By physically writing something down, it solidifies that statement in your physical body and concretizes that which was previously elusive. The revelatory moment becomes part of who you are!

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