Secrets of the Third Heaven

Artist / Author: Stone Perry

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Secrets of the Third Heaven delves into some of the most interesting, in-depth and mysterious questions ever asked about death and heaven.
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Discover the Road Map to Heaven! Perry uncovers in-depth research that details Greek and Hebrew word studies about heaven and a person’s departure to paradise. These word studies dig deep into Biblical narratives comparing scripture with scripture and includes numerous amazing true stories. Perry will examine several paradise visitations including the one Paul wrote about in 2 Corinthians 12:1-4. Paul details paradise as being a specific place in the third heaven. Among others, some questions answered in this book include: Is it possible for a person to know when they will die? Do all children who die go to heaven? Do departed saints hear our prayers and pray for us? How do the departed communicate with the angels and other souls in paradise? What type of bodies do those who are in paradise have? How is time counted in heaven? Can information from heaven be transported to earth? What are angelic escorts and demonic soul collectors? How does a person prepare for their final journey? This book features a large section with 15 of the most difficult questions Perry has been asked about death and heaven that he researched and answered.

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