Receiving from Heaven: Increasing Your Capacity to Receive from Your Heavenly Father

Artist / Author: Kevin Zadai

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Discover the secrets of the spirit world, including: • What opens doors to demons in your life? • Strategies for discerning between God’s voice and the voice of Satan.
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Many Christians feel that their prayers produce no results, and that God remains distant, despite their pursuit of Him. Why? Because many are seeking blessings and realities that are already available and accessible!
The key to a fulfilling prayer life and an intimate relationship with God is not found in striving--it's found in simply receiving. In the Biblical art of receiving from Heaven, we simply say "yes" to the lavish blessings that Jesus has already made available to every believer.
Prophetic Bible teacher and bestselling author Kevin Zadai was an everyday Christian who was caught up in a heavenly encounter that dramatically changed his life. This experience opened the realities of Scripture to him in a new way, equipping him to share heavenly keys with everyday people so they too could walk in the fullness of favor, blessing, and victory that Christ makes available to every believer.
Kevin will show you how to:
Walk on Earth using your rights and privileges as a heavenly ambassador.
Partner with the supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit.
Access Heaven's reward system here and now.
Take hold of the blessings and promises written in Scripture.

Learn the art of receiving from Heaven and watch as every biblical blessing and promise comes to life for you!

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