Radically Restored to Oneness with God

Artist / Author: Peter McHugh

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As humans, we often fashion our lives around the flimsy groundwork of these temporary things. When we inevitably experience a disappointment or tragedy, our very identity crumbles. But as a Christian, you are called to build your identity upon one, unshakeable foundation – how Jesus sees you.
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In Radically Restored to Oneness with God, author and veteran pastor, Peter McHugh takes you on a journey through Scripture, revealing the depths of Jesus’ love for you and the tangible implications that adoption into God’s Family has for your daily life. In these pages, you will gain… Deliverance from comparison, expectations, judgment, and legalism. Assurance of God’s great love for you, personally. Freedom to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by loving others unconditionally. You have been adopted into Jesus’ family! Discover the transformative joy that comes with rooting your identity in the solid bedrock of this powerful truth.
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