Putting on Your God Gear

Artist / Author: Stone Perry

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Putting on Your God Gear
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By Perry Stone
"Putting on Your God Gear" book is a detailed Instruction Manual for Spiritual Warfare based on Paul's Revelation of the Armor of God. The Apostle Paul was considered a threat to the Roman government. He was arrested, locked in prison, and chained between two Roman guards. While observing the Roman guard's outfit, Paul was inspired to draw an analogy between the Roman soldier's protective armor and the believer's protective armor of God. After 30 years of ministry and hundreds of hours of Biblical and historical research, Perry Stone has compiled a detailed commentary on how to live victoriously through wearing the armor of God. This book is filled with helpful insight and powerful revelation to help you win personal, practical, and spiritual battles by putting on your God Gear! Each chapter contains a series of study questions at the end, to help increase your spiritual IQ. God's will is for you to live a victorious life, and he provides the spiritual clothing to ensure righteousness, peace, and joy from the Holy Spirit in every area of your life!
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