Prophetic Pioneering: A Call to Build and Establish God's New Era Wineskins

Artist / Author: Jeremiah Johnson 

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A world plagued with darkness is waiting for a prophetic people to arise, shine, and light the way! Days of crisis and turmoil demand a people who are plugged into Heaven's activity. Old operating systems that built empires in the name of Christianity, but created shallow, compromising disciples, are crumbling under the weight of global instability.
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In the midst of a season of great personal challenge and persecution, author, church leader and prophet Jeremiah Johnson received fresh blueprints and new prophetic strategies on how to navigate the days of challenge and opportunity ahead. Prophetic Pioneering is a call for you to be part of the radical Jesus People remnant that is arising in this critical hour! This invitation is not exclusive to pastors and ministry leaders; the call to see the coming move of God and build in accordance with the activity of Heaven, is just as relevant in the marketplace as it to the minister. Get ready to: Be a part of the New Jesus People Movement.Pick up the history-making Intercession mantle of prayer general, Rees Howells.Discern how prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, and teachers supernaturally reveal different aspects of Jesus. Become a prophetic reformer who changes culture and makes history.Catch a glimpse of the unexpected move of God through the "Queen of Sheba Prophecy." The hour is urgent, dark, and late... but the opportunity to be carriers of prophetic solutions has never been greater. Will you take your place as a prophetic pioneer?
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