Prophetic Declaration to Overcome Storms of Life Marrriage

Artist / Author: Coker Dr Olusola

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Prophetic Declaration to Overcome Storms of Life Marrriage
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by Coker Dr Olusola Babatunde & Dr D Olukoya
Get ready to overcome two major changes of life, Marriage and Business. You will agree with me that most challenges of life centers on these two things. In the Journey of life I observed that a lot of people need encouragement to overcome storms of life. I receive numerous emails from people around the world who are facing all kinds of problems or struggle. Hard times, health, loss of a job, divorce, abuse, financial burdens...the list is endless when it comes to personal struggle. It is a false teaching that claims that when you become a Christian you will never have upset in your life. If you are faced problems in your marriage and business it is only by divine intervention that you will overcome such problems. This book will enlighten you on how to overcome such problems by prophetic declarations and powerful prayers. You will discover 15 Easy Steps to Overcome storms in your marriage. In this book you will discover Prayers to Encourage You as you Face the Battle of Life. Prophetic Declaration over your marriage. Prophetic Declaration For those not married. Overcome the Storms of Life in Marriage in 15 Easy Steps. Powerful Prayers for Breakthrough. Prayers to Overcome Storms of Life Prophetic Declaration For Breakthrough. Prayers to Overcome Fear. Prayer For All Who Struggle With Anger, And Unforgivenes. Dealing with Anger. Overcoming storms of life in your Business. Prophetic Declaration over Anger. Prophetic Declaration for your Blessings. Powerful Prayers that Destroy the power of darkness

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