Prayer That Changes Everything: 5 Principles to Activate Your Faith

Artist / Author: Mary Colbert

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A revived faith starts with a revived prayer life. This book will help you develop the faith and prayer life that God desires for you.
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What if your communication with God became as vibrant as the interaction between you and your best friend? What if God literally responded to your praise, your worship, and your requests? This is absolutely God’s will for your prayer life! For many, prayer is only a matter of blessing their food, asking for help during a crisis, or whispering a need when they feel they are at the end of their rope. Unfortunately, this barely scratches the surface of the prayer life God wants to share with us. In Prayer That Changes Everything, Mary Colbert unpacks five principles to revolutionize readers’ faith and help them experience the full dimension of the relationship they can have with God through prayer. She challenges readers to: Recognize that faith is alive and must be in action Live with a faith that excites God Realize that faith is the substance of all things See the thing they want God to do as done and begin to praise Him for it; and know that love is the fuel Whether a new believer or a longtime Christian, each reader will find accessible, fresh insights into prayer and practical wisdom that will revitalize his or her prayer life and transform his or her relationship with God.

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