Prayer and Deliverance Bible - compact

Artist / Author: KJV

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Prayer and Deliverance Bible - compact
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By Dr. Daniel Olukoya ( this product is no longer available)
KJV Prayer and Deliverance bible (this product is no longer available)
Brand new Bible from Dr D.K Olukoya. A biblical masterpiece in Christian dom, with over 50 detailed articles and note revisions in the old testament alone and thousands of prayer points, Dr D.K Olukoya's Bible not only explains the age long mystery of the deliverance ministry, but also provides a treasury of wisdom and insight to the most misunderstood and under researched ministry in today's generation.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Dr Olukoya has assembled a list of complete and unique Bible teachings, with real life examples to to meet 21st-century challenges by using the time-tested and irrefutable principles of prayer and spiritual warfare that God has shown us in the Bible.
Sample articles include:
The Mystery of the Earth and Grave
Soul Fragmentation
Spiritual Husband and Wife
Foundational Problems and Case studies
Prosperity and Wealth Transfer strategies
The ministry of deliverance and Unlocking Heavens
The Holy Spirit and Holiness
Solving Life's problems
And many more
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