Power Portals: Awaken Your Connection to the Spirit Realm

Artist / Author: Mills Joshua

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“I encourage you to read Joshua’s book, not only to learn about the glory but also to be changed by the glory.” —Bill Johnson “This book is boot camp for the next and greatest move of God’s Spirit in history.” —Sid Roth All Christians are intended to live, move, and operate in the supernatural realm. But many people aren’t sure how to enter into this realm—or how to go deeper in the Spirit. Joshua Mills explains that, much more than sensing what God is doing, we can participate in the supernatural on a daily basis through divine portals, or gates.
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Within a power portal, we may experience a sudden realization of God’s presence, an abundance of healing, spontaneous joy, signs and wonders, angelic activity, an increase in spiritual dreams and visions, or extravagant provision. Some portals can be activated in our own bodies through the mind, eyes and ears, mouth, heart, innermost being, hands, and feet. There are also direct heavenly portals and geographical portals, special places where we can experience the release of God’s power.
Joshua’s writing is filled with amazing personal stories of the supernatural at work. Get ready to awaken your connection to the Spirit realm. Get ready to encounter Power Portals!

“Joshua Mills…has taken deep spiritual revelation and translated it into language that any reader can understand and apply to daily life.” —Becky Thompson

“Joshua Mills…gives you teachings you can trust and revelations that get you results.” —Tony Kemp
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