Opening the Gates of Glory

Artist / Author: Ogbonnaya Adonijah

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Jesus was not just the Saviour of humanity but also the teacher – the one God anointed to bring truth to the Earth so we can truly live again! In the life of Jesus Christ there are a few pivotal moments when He gave His foundational teachings. The message of The Beatitudes is one of these times and one of the most well known sermons of Jesus. The flow of His Aramaic words and the cadence of His wisdom hidden in the rhythms of this message have become part of the fabric of our culture. However, for those who will take the time, there is much more.
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In this book, Dr O uses his decades of study to dive deeply into the wisdom of the Beatitudes, revealing such practical and powerful truths as:

  • Learning to live on Earth, as you are in Heaven

  • Divine mercy as the method of correcting the cycles of humanity

  • Face to face spirituality

  • The art of “Letting Go”

  • Who are the poor in spirit
    • Using your pain and suffering
    • The process of self-awareness
    • Embodying the truth of the Kingdom on Earth

The Beatitudes are not the everyday greeting “be blessed”, but a powerful Divine show of favour. This is not for a faint hearted faith – these Kingdom promises require courageous faith.

Changing times require a God that never changes. The shifting sand of humanity, technology and morality will demand that we learn to live this eternal “blessed” life. We are the ones who will change the world as He changes us into His image. Enjoy a deeper, transformed life as you unlock the wisdom of The Beatitudes!

“These words have given me much comfort and much joy as I studied their meaning, and received the revelation from God. I explored the pathways and journeyed with the Holy Spirit to bring you this book, and to help you on your path with Jesus. As you read this book, may the hope of Christ Jesus fill you, and brim over to the surrounding culture”

Dr O 

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