Like Stars for Evermore

Artist / Author: Ferrell Dr Ana Mendez

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New Book by Ana Méndez Ferrell We are living in times of great change and revelation. This is a pioneering book in its genre, designed to revolutionize how you see yourself and lead you to understand how significant your influence is on the earth. You will see dimensions of the resurrection that you have never seen before. You will know how you are designed and who you are as an eternal celestial being before the foundation of the world.
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You will know your celestial body, what it means to be a star in God’s firmament, and how it operates with your spirit to produce His Light on the Earth. It will lead you to stop thinking three-dimensionally and enter Heaven’s multiple realms.

You will learn about God’s Raqia, that is, the ruling firmament in the heavens where the angelic hosts, the luminaries, and God’s Sons gather together to rule with Christ Jesus.

The wise are not those who receive salvation but who understand how to radiate the Light of Christ to change the world they live in. The wise are those who crush this world’s system for Heaven to rule on earth, they are those who teach righteousness and live it. These are the upright and pure in heart who can see God face to face and who shine like the stars forever and ever.

This book is for Christ radicals, the generation of Light that will change the world.

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