How to tap into the Glory of God

Artist / Author: Morris Shawn

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How to tap into the Glory of God
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By Shawn Morris
Read Shawn's book now and start tapping into the power of God for your life."
--Joan Hunter, evangelist and author of Healing Starts Now!
You Can Experience and Release MORE of God's Anointing!
There are deep realms of God's glory available to all Christians... but only accessible to the willing. Are you willing to discover the proven principles that will increase how much of the Holy Spirit's power you see released in your life?
Shawn Morris is no stranger to manifestations of God's presence. He continues the powerful heritage of past relative, William Seymour, who helped ignite the Azusa Street Revival and launch the global Pentecostal movement.
Morris personally experienced a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in his home, accompanied by the prophetic, dramatic healings, deliverance, the Shekinah glory, and manifestations of oil, glory clouds, gold dust, angel feathers, and even indoor rain during times of worship.
This invitation is extended to you!
During this powerful visitation, Shawn received proven principles for accessing these supernatural realms of God's glory.
As you read, prepare to experience a renewed hunger for the Spirit's presence and the empowerment to release the atmosphere of Heaven wherever you go!
"The revelation that Shawn shares will enable you to see, hear, and know Jesus at the level where you can release the anointing and the power of God."
--Tony Kemp, president of Tony Kemp Ministries
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