Hebrew Word Pictures and Numbers

Artist / Author: Lovik C.J.

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The Latest Work on the Hebrew Language from C.J. Lovik The culmination of more than a decade of research in the field of the Ancient Hebrew, this exciting must-have resource combines the study of the Hebrew Pictographic, Numeric and Conventional text, and walks through the Hebrew Aleph-Beyt letter by letter. Each letter is thoroughly explored and grounded in meaning, and example words are given to demonstrate. A spiral-bound, lay-flat binding with color-coded thumb-index of letters makes this an invaluable study resource you will utilize often.
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The twenty-two letters in the modern block Hebrew Script represent a daunting revelational obstacle for those who are unfamiliar with its ancient roots. Unlike English, the Hebrew language is built upon multiple layers of disclosure which are foundationally pictographic, numeric and phonetic.

Hebrew was, from the beginning, a language that contained prophetic mysteries in the plain text bolstered by Pictograms, which in almost all instances, have two contextual touchstones—one earthly and the other heavenly.  

The Hebrew letters that were pictures from the beginning are also numbers. In addition to the mathematical use of numbers for communicating the obvious, there is also a meaning that unfolds progressively as you pay attention to the context in which those numbers are being used. In other words, there is a heavenly, spiritual meaning of numbers that can only be understood as they are used to communicate truth revealed over time.  


If you don’t see the pictures in the modern block Hebrew, there is a reason for that which can be summarized in two words: Babylon Captivity. The Hebrew language was altered during the 70 years of captivity in Babylon... altered but not lost.  

In this book you will discover how and why God preserved this ancient prophetic revelation built upon the foundation of pictures and numbers. More importantly, you will discover Who this revelatory language prophetically highlights and what it is all about!  

Discover the heartbeat of God revealed in His love-language which discloses His love for fallen man, one picture and number at a time.

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