Hebrew Word Pictures

Artist / Author: Seekins Dr. Frank

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Hebrew Word Pictures
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By Dr Frank Seekins
What are Word Pictures?
In ancient Hebrew, like Chinese and ancient Egyptian, every word was formed by adding "pictures" together to "paint" or illustrate the meaning of a word. A word picture is a word that is described by pictures.
When ancient Hebrew was first written, each letter represented both a sound and a picture. Even if you or the people you teach are not familiar with the Hebrew sounds and have no experience with this language, the pictures illustrated by the Hebrew words will speak for themselves!
Note: You don't have to be able to read Hebrew in order to understand and to use this book effectively when you teach or read the truths about the Scriptures.
Only a few years after being published, over 3000 pastors across the country are using this book for their teachings, and this number is growing rapidly. It is now rewritten and beautifully illustrated so that every layman Christian can understand, enjoy and treasure. "Hebrew Word Pictures" is a wonderful enrichment to anyone who loves the Bible. It was written by Dr. Frank T. Seekins, who has spent 12 years developing and arranging the archaic Hebrew letters into a complete concept that is both enlightening and heart warming.
"I believe that the Hebrew word pictures were designed by God as a tool for Biblical discipleship and teaching his holy words. One constant response I hear, is that the Hebrew word pictures create a new hunger for what the Bible teaches. What I love about the Hebrew word pictures is that they draw people back to the Bible."
Dr. Frank T. Seekins
"Every so often, something comes along that can help move your spiritual life into high gear. I'm convinced that Frank Seekins' concept of "Hebrew Word Pictures" is such a concept. With so many books and conference about biblical principles, this one can help you better understand and love God's Word itself.
As someone who's studied "word pictures" for years, seeing them come alive in the very letters of Scripture is like adding color to a classic movie. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in gaining a deeper love and understanding of the Scriptures.
John Trent, phD
President of Encouraging Words

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