Heavenly Impact - Symbolic Praise, Worship, and intercession

Artist / Author: Strauss Jeanette

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Heavenly Impact - Symbolic Praise, Worship, and intercession
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By Jeanette Strauss
From Genesis to Revelation, we see a definite pattern of worship, ordained by God, ancient yet eternal. This book presents a clear and concise picture, based upon scripture that reveals the major significance that is felt in the heavenly realm when symbolic tools are used during times of praise, worship and intercession on this earthly plane. Worship and praise were never meant to be passive. We see that Old and New Testament Christians who were pursuing God were aggressive in symbolic praise and worship. They were completely surrendered to the will of God for their lives, no matter what the circumstances looked like. The worse the circumstances, the more aggressive in praise they were! When the Hebrew children praised with these symbolic instruments the presence of the Lord filled their physical surroundings. As the Lord directed them, they used some of these instruments as a point of contact spiritual warfare tool in the face of their enemies. They understood the reason for their victory in battle was due to their humble dependence on the Lord, not upon their skill. As they moved in faith the Lord and His hosts showed up, fought and won their battles for them. My prayer is that as you read this book, your heart will be stirred and your spirit will be freed from fleshly limitations that you may have placed upon it. You will be assured that the Lord not only approves of this pro-active style of worship, but also fully, endorses it, after all - He created it. If you have never praised or worshipped in this type of visually expressive style, it is possible you will make a transition from being a reserved and possibly skeptical spectator to an active participator. Explore the Possibilities! Heavenly Impact guides you through history and explains the revelance of worship adornment as it identifies strategic value. Scripture references reveal that our actions on earth truly do have a Heavenly Impact. Tools covered Flags, Billows, Mat-teh', Shofar Streamers, Tabrets and Veils.
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