Gazing Into Glory Study Guide: Every Believer's Birthright t

Artist / Author: Allen Bruce D

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Gazing Into Glory Study Guide: Every Believer's Birthright t
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By Bruce D Allen
This study guide is designed for Christians of any background. Its purpose is to encourage us to reach a greater level of spirituality and help us apply the principles of Gazing into Glory, moving from logos head knowledge to rhema heart experience. Bruce Allen emphasizes that to "gaze into glory" is not just for a select few, but for every child of God. He provides clear instruction on how to "get there." The study guide follows the book closely and attempts to emphasize each step on this adventure, with the purpose of helping us to experience the instruction given in Gazing into Glory, not just read it. The study guide can be done individually or in groups. Occasionally some additional comments from the CD Album, Gazing into Glory, have been included to provide further insight. Those whose only interaction with the Spirit of God has been prayer, hymns, and church attendance will find a comfortable place to learn in this course. Those who are already experienced in visions or dreams from the Lord will find a mentor in Bruce Allen to help them go even further. Some exercises are for the beginner, while others are for the more advanced. It is recommended that you do all the exercises, no matter how easy or difficult. Always apply the blood of Jesus. Remember, even the world tells us that practice makes perfect. The Word of God tells us what we focus on, we become (2 Corinthians 3:18). Because of the busyness of our lives, some Focus Cards are included to help you deliberately focus, throughout the day, on the tenets of gazing into glory. It is our prayer that you would have fresh eyes to see familiar scriptures without old belief systems.
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