Friends of Eber

Artist / Author: Smith Aaron

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Friends of Eber
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by Aaron Smith (Author), Elizabeth R. Corley (Author), Teresa Bowen (Author), Y.A. Butler (Author), Daniel Cook (Author)
A reference guide to the living letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Aleph begins the Hebrew alphabet. Tav Finishes it. Ghah twists to ascend to the Up Here places and descend to the choshekIn this reference guide designed to introduce readers to the living letters of the Hebrew alphabet, AaronSmith introduces the reader to Eber, the ancient father who refused to touch the Tower of Babel and through whom Yahweh preserved His language.From their revelations rooted in their study of and engagement with the Hebrew letters, Aaron Smith,Teresa Bowen, and three Rock of Mobile members/teachers present the Friends of Eber. May this volume be your Yod, your starting point on a path to begin to see, hear, and know our friends, the living letters.

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