Ezekiel's Temple

Artist / Author: Berry Bob

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The last nine chapters of Ezekiel's prophecy unfold, in fascinating detail, the plan of a temple yet to be constructed in Jerusalem, in which God will be worshipped in the millennial reign of Christ.
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These chapters have been the subject of much controversy. Those who deny a literal future kingdom or Israel's uniqueness in God's purpose find it difficult to account for the detailed description of the Temple given in these chapters and resort to spiritualising the Temple in an effort to make it figurative of the Church.

Others, who accept that God has a future purpose for Israel and who interpret the chapters literally, struggle to understand the role of the animal sacrifices outlined by Ezekiel. This new study of Ezekiel's Temple demonstrates that it must be future and literal and explores the question of animal sacrifices in the Millennium. The layout of the Temple is explained in text and diagrams, and there is a detailed, verse-by-verse exposition of all nine chapters.

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