Extreme Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth

Artist / Author: Daniel Duval

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Get ready to upgrade your prayer lifeā€¦ AGAIN! This book is the third installment in the Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth series. After releasing two #1 Amazon Bestsellers on prayer, Daniel Duval is now releasing his most powerful and far-reaching prayer resources to date. This collection of prayers will take you far beyond the scope and limitations of the first two prayer books.
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When it comes to spiritual bondage there are two conditions, free and not free. Many people all over the world are crying out for freedom. They are seeking out Jesus and Christianity for hope and solutions and finding mixed results. Why? The answer is found in illiteracy. Quite frankly stated, the body of Christ is on a learning curve when it comes to understanding the finer points of how the finished work of Jesus Christ can be applied to the problems that people are presently facing. Extreme Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is the follow up work to two #1 Amazon bestselling books on prayer. Daniel Duval will take you to the very edge of the learning curve in the body of Christ with prayers that reveal hidden wisdom, nuance, and language, that will unlock extraordinary breakthrough and freedom in Jesus Christ. This book is packed with prayer resources that will upset the powers of darkness and shame the devil. As you work through this book, you will find prayers that address everything from cursed objects and heirlooms to Black Goo. You will find prayers that deal with evil spiritual grids, evil councils, and evil artificial intelligences. You will find prayers that can bring the power of God into affliction and harassment caused by frequency technologies and implants. You will experience prayer resources that cuts down ministry time needed to achieve breakthroughs from months to minutes. Extreme Prayers that Shake Heaven and Earth is the necessary addition that your prayer life and personal ministry has been waiting for! Here is what these prayers will help you do: Bless your Unborn Child Get Freedom from Artificial Intelligence Activate the Human Spirit Take on Evil Councils Engage Heavenly Technologies Destroy Spiritual Block Chain Bondages Collapse Evil Grids Get Freedom for Targeted Individuals Deactivate Mind Control Programs And Much More…

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