Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease

Artist / Author: Wright Henry

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Exposing the Spiritual Roots of Disease
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A Thoroughly Biblical and Compelling Case for Healing from the Best-Selling Author of A More Excellent Way
Over thirty years ago, Dr. Henry Wright experienced major success in praying for people to be healed from disease. But suddenly the healing stopped. He began asking God why people werent being healed. Through a pursuit of Gods Word and truth, he began a lifelong journey of learning the spiritual roots of disease and blockages to healing. In this journey, he discovered that about 80 percent of all disease has a spiritual root issue and is a direct result of a breakdown in our relationship with God, ourselves, or others.
Dr. Wright began teaching the biblical principles and truths he discovered and found great success in peoples healing and recovery. He has helped tens of thousands to experience wholeness in their lives.
Every human being is a spirit with a soul living in a body. Therefore, this is not just about our physical health, although it greatly impacts our bodily well-being. It is about our identity in God and the freedom He desires to give us, extending from our spirits to our souls and bodies.
In this book, Dr. Wright presents a thoroughly biblical and compelling case for healing. If you think youve read all you need to know about healing, its time to take another look! The author clearly shows that disease is not a random occurrence and that science and medicine have their limitations in dealing with the spiritual roots of illnesses that inflict millions. We need healing for spirit, soul, and body. If you have recently been diagnosed with an illness or have been struggling with your health for years, there is hope and healing ahead.
I am so thankful about these physical healings. However, Im even more thankful for the inner peace and faith that I have been experiencing. [They are] beyond description. Sue from Maryland (healed of back pain, rheumatism, and high cholesterol)
His perfect will is that we dont get sick. But once were sick, the provision has been made for healing. We just need to line up with the Word of God and be transparent, and everything takes care of the rest. Claudio (he and his wife healed of infertility; their newborn son healed of serious health issues)

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