Evidence For The Christian Faith

Artist / Author: Michael Arnold

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In this book you will - learn that there is no such thing as proof with regard to history - discover that there is powerful evidence for the Christian Faith - see why to call Jesus a great teacher or prophet but to deny he is the Son of God is completely illogical - examine the evidence for the Resurrection as if you were a lawyer - and encounter the astounding prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament
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Have you ever heard anyone deride the Christian Faith as a fairy tale?

Or claim that there’s no evidence for it at all?

Mock that it’s a whole lot of hot air?

Complete rubbish?

Would you have the faintest idea how to answer such charges?

Or perhaps you are the one who has made these claims.

Then this book is for you.

Either to strengthen you in your own faith
Or to equip you always to be ready to defend your faith
Or to challenge you to have the courage to actually look at the evidence with an open mind.
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