Everyday with Jesus: A Word from Jesus to You

Artist / Author: Olusegun Festus Remilekun

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Everyday with Jesus: A Word from Jesus to You
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Contributor(s): Remilekun, Olusegun Festus (Author), Olukoya, Dr D K (Concept by)
EVERYDAY WITH JESUS God distinctly instructed Joshua to meditate on His Holy Word, day and night. The DAY and NIGHT are awesome times for daily meditations, devotions and prayers to the Almighty God. The day and night are also the time when the powers of darkness let loose their wicked schemes and unleash evil on mankind. EVERYDAY WITH JESUS helps us tune ourselves to God's mind each day and night, as He reveals Himself to us through His word. We are also fortified with strength and grace for a closer walk with God, our Shield, Hope and Protector.
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