Deeper Revelations of the Anointing

Artist / Author: Apostle Frequency Revelator

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Deeper Revelations of the Anointing
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By Apostle Frequency Revelator
Publisher Marketing:
" Do you want to be the World s most anointed? The secret is in the pursuit of the ingredient of the anointing. Globally, every sphere of human endeavor is grossly dependent on the anointing. The anointing is the most significant and integral factor that breeds tremendous results of power both individually and corporately. It is the current church s diet and a delicate recipe for the church to flourish in a hostile world dominated by violence, crime, corruption and gross wickedness. It is our most precious possession in living a naturally supernatural life since God s presence is embodied in the anointing. As the Founder and President of the Global Church, Apostle Frequency Revelator ushers a fresh but provocative revelation of how you can tap into the realm of the anointing of the Holy Spirit to launch the world into greater depths of the miraculous. With considerable depth, insight and revelation, the author has provided an incredible tool for the Body of Christ to tap into greater depths of the anointing to impact the world for Christ in this generation. This book will therefore function as a blueprint to not only understanding the greater depths of the anointing but also to unveiling the mystery of the operation of the new waves of anointing which God is unleashing in the end time season which mark the last wave of miracles. The reading of this book will therefore culminate in the following divine experiences in your life: Firstly, it will trigger volumes of the anointing to rain upon you, flood your spirit and saturate you to the brink of full spiritual capacity. Secondly, it will rain a flood of revelations upon your spirit and provoke an unprecedented stream flow of God s power in your life. Lastly, it will catapult you to the realm of the miraculous to demonstrate the power of God through miracles, sign and wonders like never before. Therefore get ready to propagate the anointing to the furthest extremes of the world!!""
Biographical Note:
" is an apostle called by the Lord Jesus Christ, set apart and ordained by God through His grace to minister the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations of the world. He is a television minister, lecturer and gifted author, whose writings are Holy Ghost breathings that unveil streams of fresh revelations straight from the throne room of God. He is the president, founder and vision bearer of Frequency Revelator Ministries (FRM), a worldwide multiracial ministry that encompasses a myriad of movements with divine visions such as Global Apostolic Network (GAN), Christ Resurrection Movement (CRM), Global Power Ministries (GPM), Revival For Southern Africa (REFOSA), Global Destiny Outreach (GDO) and the Global Church (Christ Resurrection Centre Ministries). As a Global vision, Frequency Revelator Ministries (FRM) also encompasses and drives divergent apostolic and prophetic ministry visions and spiritual programmes such as Varsity Revival, Global Campus Ministry, Global Healing School (GHS), Global School of Miracles, Signs and Wonders (SMSW), School of Kingdom Millionaires (SKM) and the Rain of Revelations Daily Devotional Concordance as well as the Heavens Broadcasting Commission (HBC) on television. The Apostle resides in South Africa with his family and he is a graduate of Fort Hare University, where his ministry took off. According to the Apostle, universities, colleges, high schools and other centres of learning are critical in fulfilling God s purpose and reaching the world for Christ, especially in this end-time dispensation. His global ministry is therefore characterised by a deep revelation of God s word accompanied by a practical demonstration of God s power through miracles, signs and wonders manifested in raising the dead, making cripples walk, and opening the eyes of the blind, mouths of the dumb and ears of the deaf; imparting and activating the gifts of the Spirit; prophetic declarations; revelation teachings; and rigorous ministerial training sessions, such as raising of Kingdom millionaires. His ministry also includes the manifestation of the wealth of Heaven through miracle money, gold dust, silver stones and creative miracles such as instantaneous weight loss, germination of hair on bald heads, growing of teeth and instantaneous healings from HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes and many more diseases. His ministry incorporates miracle healing crusades and a dense network of ministry visions that covers the rest of the world.""
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