Daily Devotional Prayers for Your Children: 400 Powerful

Artist / Author: Coker Dr Olusola

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Daily Devotional Prayers for Your Children: 400 Powerful
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by Dr Olusola Coker forward by Joyce Meyer
Daily Devotional Prayers for Your Children: 400 Powerful Prayers and Declarations for Your Children Health, Education, Deliverance, Healing, Salvation
You will agree with me that Children who have parental support are likely to have better health, education, and achieve great success as adult and support their parents in old age. Many parents have witnessed the power of prayers over their children's healing, education, deliverance, salvation, protection, career, relationship and breakthrough. This book is packed with over 400 powerful prayers and declaration over your children success and breakthrough in every area of their lives, knowing Christ, fearing God, obedience, Godly character, hearing from God, advantages of telling the truth always, moving with Godly friends, glorifying and worshiping God, respect for parents and teachers, overcoming bad habits, examination success, becoming wealthy and successful before the age of 21 years. Also included are prayers and declarations for divine Protection, Business success, Release of your children from Bondage etc. This book is a must buy for parents and new couples intending to have children soon.
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