Creation Gospel Workbook Five Bamidbar: Volume 4

Artist / Author: Hollisa Alewine

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Creation Gospel Workbook Five Volume Four continues to pull the threads from the Rivers of Eden through the Torah portions. The first lesson, Bamidbar, explains how the Levitical tribes' encampments are based on the pattern of sevens: Days of Creation, Spirit of Adonai, Feasts, and Assemblies. The lessons continue with in-depth lessons from the Mishkan and its travels in the wilderness, including: stewardship vs ownership, role of vows and the trial of sotah, the importance of the shadows to the reality, the fallacy of truth vs tradition, using spiritual authority, salvation of the nefesh, the apocalyptic symbology of the clouds, the spirit of fear vs the Spirit of Power, preparation and placement of "word packages," spiritual warfare, three central messages of the red heifer and the contranym of the Red One, self-deception leading to disobedience and sorcery, jealous vs zealous, and power leadership. Expect more illustrative stories, wordplay, and Hebrew words as memory devices. Table of Contents: Under the Covers - Bamidbar Who's Gonna Fix Your Wagon? - Naso The Shadows Know - Beha'alotekha The Wizard of Az - Shelach Lekha Does the Devil Know Your Name? - Korach Red Heifer, No Real Mystery - Chukkat He Made the Devil Do It- Balak Just Cool Your Heels - Pinchas The Annulment of Vowels - Mattot Campfire Girls - Masei
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