Crafted Prayer

Artist / Author: Cooke Graham

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By Graham Cooke
Crafted Prayer is an interactive journal and book number two in Graham Cooke's Being With God series.
These books are filled with great teaching and interactive exercises, making them ideal for both personal and small group study. In Crafted Prayer, Graham Cooke examines the discipline of approaching God in "listening" prayer. He encourages us to ask God what He would like us to pray when we consider the issues surrounding our lives. Over time, we can create a "crafted" prayer consisting of words given to us by the Lord, which are appropriate to our current needs, and begin to pray in the certain knowledge that the Father will delight in answering that which He has given us to pray. There is a way of intercession that always gets answered by Heaven--and Crafted Prayer helps open that discipline up. This journal also includes advice on pursuing "inheritance words", a type of prophetic illumination of Scripture. Crafted Prayer has been an incredibly popular book with small group leaders, who have worked through it in groups of 10-12 people. This book will prompt you to pray like you never have before!
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