Courtroom Prayers for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Courts of Heaven Prayers

Artist / Author: Pius Joseph

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If you have been desiring to do the courtroom prayer but wondering how to begin, well it is not your fault, I had the same problem until the Lord gave me this revelation, the subject of which you are about to read only if you decide to get this book.
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As beautiful as the courts of heaven prayers is or courtroom prayers as a means for dealing with stubborn situations of life, you may not get any result from your prayers if you have not mastered the art of moving into the courtroom and getting your answers. This is one of the most difficult challenges that a beginner in the courts of heaven will face. Do you have to face the same problem that some of us struggled with? No! If only you could follow the guide carefully outlined in the pages of this book. In this book, I have provided a step by step approach to praying in the courts of heaven and get instant answers. Through this simple-to-practice Beginners Guide, you will learn: ★★A step-by-step approach to praying in the courts of heaven ★★Beginners Prayers in the courts of heaven

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