Business Secrets from the Bible (hardcover)

Artist / Author: Lapin Rabbi Daniel

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Business Secrets from the Bible (hardcover)
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By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
"Rabbi Lapins first book, Thou Shall Prosper, is one of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing books Ive read in the past decade. Im so excited that hes now turned that same meticulous biblical lens toward our view of business. I read everything Rabbi Lapin writes!"
Dave Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host
"Making real money is not what will allow you to do the right things; it is the result of doing those right things in the first place. Rabbi Daniel Lapin teaches what those right things are in this bold and eye-opening book that takes readers through the forty steps of Biblical abundance."
Glenn Beck, #1 bestselling author of Miracles and Massacres and founder of
"No one makes a more passionate, persuasive case than Rabbi Daniel Lapin for applying the timeless wisdom of Scripture to the timely challenges of modern life. This wise, wonderful book helps point the way to productivity and peace of mind for individuals as well as society at large."
MICHAEL MEDVED, Best-selling author of 5 Big Lies About American Business, speaker, and host of the nationally syndicated Medved Radio Show
Eternal wisdom for present-day professionals
For thousands of years, the Bible has guided its enthusiasts in all their endeavors, and finance is no exception. With his knowledge of ancient Jewish wisdom, Rabbi Daniel Lapin has extracted 40 business secrets from the pages of humanitys most trusted volume. In Business Secrets from the Bible, the Rabbi teaches these timeless truths with clarity so you can apply them to business and beyond.
In this book, Rabbi Lapin explains how business is a way of measuring our interactions with others, and how the Bible guides us to serve them for mutual gain. Only by unifying business, relationships, and spirituality can we achieve lasting financial and personal success. If you focus on business and hard work but cant understand why you arent more successful, this book is for you. Business Secrets from the Bible will gently take you from confusion to abundance in forty simple steps.

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