Breaking the power

Artist / Author: Savard Liberty

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By Liberty Savard
Through this helpful book the reader will learn how to break the power of unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unresolved issues. Unmet needs are birthed when something positive that should have happened in your life didn't happen. Unhealed hurts are birthed when something that should not have happened in your life did happen. Unresolved issues are birthed out of the ensuing anger and confusion about why these things happened.
The reader will learn how to let fear, doubt, and pain out, as God's mercy and grace come in. This involves cooperating with God, not just letting God work on us.
This revised and updated version of Breaking the Power contains new teaching and examples that will answer many questions from believers who feel they cannot overcome wrong behaviors and do not know how to receive God's unconditional love.
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