Breaking generational curses

Artist / Author: Nori Don

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breaking generational curses
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By Don Nori
Product Description
This is a serious book that has real serious answers for all of us. It is a practical guide for hope and healing in our lives and in all the lives we touch. These answers are not spooky or mystical. They are practical and predictable. The sins of our fathers do not have to torment us. Our sins do not have to chase after our children. Each generation's sin should be locked in that generation. This book tells you why and also tells you how to be certain they stay in that generation. This book takes the mystery out of breaking the bondage of generational sin. It will help you understand: your power in breaking the sin of past generations; how generational sin is passed on; why you ancestors have a powerful history that your children need; how to prepare your children to resist generational curses and sin; how your family lifestyle is the greatest safeguard against demonic invasion. This book is the clearest, most encouraging and helpful book you will ever read on this subject. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and love for our Lord Jesus are the foundation stones for everything he writes.

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