Be Healed! Secrets to Divine Healing

Artist / Author: Hunter-Urban Connie

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Be Healed!Secrets to Divine Healing
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By Connie Urban-Hunter
The Masters Course on Miracle Healing
When you study the life of Jesus, you quickly discover that He spent a lot of time healing people. Because healing was such a major part of Jesus ministry, it should also play a key role in our daily lives as believers.
But how do we walk in the lifestyle of healing power that Jesus modeled?
The answer is much simpler than many would have you believe: Jesus Himself!
Every tool and technique for living a lifestyle of divine healing can be found in Christs example.
Using Jesus own healing work as the model, Be Healed! presents practical strategies for the everyday Christian to bring people into supernatural healing breakthrough.
Author Connie Hunter-Urban is not a stadium evangelist; she is an everyday person, just like you, who has been called to experience and release Jesus miracle healing power. Allow her practical teaching and dynamic, real-life testimonies to stir your faith afresh!
Learn how to:
Use your authority in Christ to destroy sickness and disease.
Access the healing inheritance of the cross by applying the finished work of Jesus to sickness.
Partner with the Holy Spirit to discern and demonstrate the healing methods of Jesus.
Learn how to use breakthrough tools such as agreement, fasting and travail.
Overcome roadblocks to healing, and press in to receive your miracle.
Release healing through deliverance by recognizing when sickness is demonic in nature.
You can walk in supernatural healing! Learn from the Master, and release Gods miracle power to the world!
Author Bio
Connie Hunter-Urban grew up in Oxford, Ohio. Her parents were Spirit-filled, so she learned early about operating in the Gifts of Holy Spirit. She earned a B.S. in English and an M.A. in secondary education from Miami University and taught high school English for 33 years before retiring in 2009. Connie and her husband Wade now live in Connersville, Indiana. Having co-founded Restoration Ministries, their goal is to be about the Father's business. During their time in the ministry, Connie and Wade have pastored, evangelized, and taught. Now, she writes and speaks at conferences and churches where she ministers with words of knowledge and prophecy and witnesses many miracles. She and Wade blog online, conduct workshops, host services where others may use their own Gifts of Holy Spirit, stream a weekly teaching series, and write and publish a free semi-monthly ministry newsletter. Connie has written several books. Her first published book, Gods Plan for Our Success, Nehemiahs Way, shows the route of our Christian journey on the way to our God-ordained destiny. Her second book, The Elijah Anointing, gleans prophetic principles from Elijahs ministry. Connies third book, Your Holy Spirit Arsenal, which she co-authored with her husband, discusses Holy Spirits gifts as weapons of warfare. Connie also has a childrens book series, The Josie Adventures.

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